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Name: Barbara Law
Date: 02/04/11
Message: Exfoliating Salt Glow is the best I have ever used!

Name: JoeTan
Date: 07/11/10
Message: JA all the way!

Name:  Amy B
Date:  10-22-2012
Message:  JA has the best lotions!  Babie is my favorite!  It keeps my skin soft and my tan looks great!


Name:  Sharon M
Date:  9-13-2012
Message:  I have been using products made by the Abate family since 1982.  I have tried others and nothing works near as good. 

Name:  Bella Bronze
Date: 9-22-2014
Message:  I love the JA premium & Primus Sunless spray tan.  I have used dozens of other sprays and this is the only one that goes on land comes off like a real tan!


Name:  Future Sun Tanning
Date: 11-13-2015
Message:  We have been using & selling Illuminati like there is no tomorrow. This lotion is incredible. It's so easy to sell because one try & the results speak for themselves. Immediate color & hydration. The scent is luminous... So glad we carry Abate products. Finally, a lotion company with integrity & results! Thank you, Colleen

Name: Kendra S
Date:  03-18-2016
Message: I am writing to inform you that I have recently tried a new product that you make for tanning called "Illuminati."  I was extremely pleased with the outcoming results of my tan after using this particular product.  I have never heard of your company before, but I am guessing if this one product worked this good then they all must be incredible.  Thank you for your time and consideration and keep up the good work.

Name: Kim
Date: 03-20-2017
Message:  I recently brought JA into my store and the clients LOVE it!  The products really work and the price points are perfect my clientele.  Thank you for making high quality lotions affordable!


Name: Kristen Adams
Date: 4-07-2018
Message: Love love love them!!


Name: Lexis Smith
Date: 02/15/2019
Message: I am so happy I found this site!  I h ave been tanning for about 32 years now.  I am John Abate products biggest fan.  I only use JA Tingle Accelerating Body Oil.  I get a deep tan with this p roduct.  I cannot stress enough how I love this product anbd how well it does.  I brag on your produts to a lot of people!

Name:  Barbara Kubes
Date: 2/26/19
Message:  I love the Babie!  It does smell soft and powdery julike baby powder. I put it on and it leaves my skin so soft.  Sometimes I dont immedietely go tan but it still works well.  Let me tell youthe best way to hold on to your tan is to keep you skin hydrated and moisturized and babie does the trick!
Name:  Jennifer
Date:  3/12/2019
Message:  I've never seen a better product in my whole life!!!  John Abate, has hands down the best of the best line of tanning products!!
Name:  Robin
Date 4/8/2019
Message:  I do not tan.  I go from white to pink to red and back.  I tried using the Babie lotion based on a recommendation and i got TAN!  It was the first time in my life i got a real tan!  Its amazing and I like that I dont smell like a pina coloda too!  It had a soft babie powder scent.  If you have a hard time becoming tan, you need to try this product.  You will not be sorry!  Thanks Abate Family!!


Name:  Veronica O

Date 1/27/21
I am a tingle addict! I love a good hot tingle and Abate never disappoints! Ive been using the Tingle 4 Bronzer and WOW!!! Nice heat even for a seasoned tanner like me! I get fantasic color (brown not orange) and it doesnt rub off on my clothes (i tan on ny lunch break) Absorbs perfectly and never greasy. I am in LOVE with this lotion! I follow up with Melaplus to keep my skin moisturzed and conditioned. It smells heavenly and absorbs instantly. Its a match made in heaven!!! Very very happy!


Name:  Bonnie

Date 6/8/2021

I love John Abate lotions! I have been a fan of Platinum Tingle 3 for over 25 years. I get the best tan ever and my skin stays ao very moist. A number of years ago the tanning salon I went to was sold, and the new owner did not offer JA products. I was not able to get them anywhere here in my area of Richmond, VA. I was so disappointed,but thankfully John Abate came to the rescue when I emailed him, and shipped me my favorite Platinum Tingle 3 lotion. I am so thankful to still be able to purchase it. Many times the local salon workers try to talk me into trying what they sell, but I always decline and tell them what they are missing by not carrying the JA products. Keep up the good work Abate family!


Name:  Francesca

Date 7/11/2022

Hi there, I wanted to reach out and let you know how amazing your Solarium Melaplus is. I have been using the product for almost a year and I get compliments on my skin and tan all the time. I'm employed with Classic Tan located in Toronto, Ontario. I can truly say I am an ambassador and walking advertisement for having the perfect tan. And that has been possible with your lotion.Although it's a tanning lotion, I use this everyday. EVERYDAY. It has enhanced my tan, I have kept my tan (I tan once a week for maintenance lol); the product is amazing. AMAZING  mean - I can say so much about this product. I sell at least 3 bottles everytime I'm on shift.  I'll be making social media posts for this product. What's great is that people trust me, I've gained loyalty and I can prove the product works. As long we are taking other necessary steps to care for our skin. I.e: staying hydrated from the inside (water). Hope to hear from you !!! And keep making that gold !
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