Titanium Tingle 3

$65.00 USD


 One of the All-Time best-selling "elite" tanning lotions is better than ever and is also available in a new 16oz bottle! Vitamin & oxygen fueled tanning, a radical formulation of natural ingredients that increases skin vitality and energy for high-velocity tanning and vibrant-looking skin!  Available in Tingle 3+!

  • Natural vitamins B, E and F combined with vitamin- and mineral-rich Avocado, Babassu, Maize Extract and Macadamia Nut Oils for:

      -Increased stimulation of melanin production.                                   

      -Regenerating nutrients for skin cell vitality.

      -Superior moisturization and antioxidant properties.                      

      -Protecting cell membranes against environmental damage.

  • Maize Extract dramatically increases skin cell respiration and energy for:

-Increased oxygen consumption by skin cells for optimum skin vitality , and

-Abundant melanin production.