Our Story

Founder John Abate


John Abaté International, the highly regarded and successful manufacturer of vitamin-rich, botanically based accelerating tanning and premium skincare products. John, a former New York City undercover detective, began his career in the tanning industry when in the mid-1980s, he opened his tanning salon, The Hawaiian Sun Center in Bardonia, New York. During this time he began retailing exceptional indoor tanning lotions which were formulated with innovative ingredients to effectively accelerate the tanning process. John exclusively marketed these tanning accelerators and quickly become a tanning lotion pioneer as the first to introduce “tingling” indoor tanning lotions in North America. Envisioning the potential for this new discovery, John began his own manufacturing operation to begin producing the highly successful tanning products. In short time, John Abaté created and lead a path to a new tanning lotion revolution with many competitors quickly following in his steps in producing their own tingling accelerators. But it remains that it is only with John Abaté International that customers enjoy The Original Tingle — The Natural Tingle.

            At JA we keep tight control of product quality and use only the most premium grade quality (and most effective) ingredients possible, yet keep prices competitive. John insists on using only the costliest natural vitamins and botanical extracts in order to maintain his high standard of effectiveness to obtain deep, rich tans and superior, essential skin care and appearance.

What is a Tingle?

John Abate International Solarium Accelerating Lotions and Oils are created with high concentrations of natural vitamins and the purest botanical oils.  The "JA Tingle" - a slight tingling and subtle redness after application - is the result of a unique combination of natural vitamins and oils stimulating the skin's microcirculation which, in turn, increases the skin's ability to tan.

Not Convinced? Think of the "pressure points" ( the white spots you get on your tail bone and shoulder blades) after tanning in an indoor bed - thosepoints of untanned skin are due to decreased circulation.  Still not convinced? Think about how you can tan faster outdoors when you're moving (exercising, playing sports) than when you're just relaxing in the sun.  Excercise stimulates your skin's microcirculation, which improves your tanning results.

John Abate International products work the same way! By increasing your microcirculation with one of our natural, vitamin-rich formulas, you're assured of the best indoor tanning results; not to mention helping skin cells regenerate and oxidize faster for a longer lasting, more youthful looking tan.  Dont be fooled by imitations - some products just turn your skin red with irritating chemicals.  Not John Abate International.  We use natural ingredients that are good for your skin and that really show results.  The redness will fade but your tan will glow as the day progresses.

In order to become accustomed to the tingling sensation, we recommend that tanning clientsadvance through each Tingle Factor level, beginning with Tingle Factor 0 and progressing through succeeding Tingle Factors 1,2,3,3+,4 and 5.

The John Abate International Tingle Factors are:

No Tingle. Best for establishing a base tan.

Mild Tingle. Use until and intermediate tan is established.

Strong Tingle. Higher vitamin content is for advanced tanning only.

Very Strong Tingle. Only for experienced tanners who have advanced through 
Tingle Factor 2 and want to break their tanning plateau.

Extreme Tingle. Only for experienced tanners who have advanced through 
Tingle Factor 3.

Extremely Strong Tingle. Only for experienced tanners who have advanced through 
Tingle Factor 3+ and love to "Feel the Tingle".

Intense Tingle.  JA's hotest Tingle Factor.  Only for experienced tanners 
who have advanced through Tingle Factor 4.