VIBEZ Bronzer

$75.00 USD


All about good energy and vibez. When you tan, you want the best for the health of your skin and your mind. This potent tanning lotion will provide the best of nature’s finest ingredients to give your skin a beautifully bronzed glow, while providing amazing hydration and regenerative effects from the natural oils. Additionally, by using this lotion, you will feel the good energy it provides the body and mind. Each bottle was prepared by one of our happy lotion artisans who are only allowed to work when they feel amazing transferring their good vibes into the lotion. When you tan with VIBEZ, you will feel that good energy from head to toe as you tan. Healthy for mind and body. Exceptional tanning skin care and oil blends reveals a fast yet long-lasting rich bronzed glow and wonderfully soft, supple skin that only JA can provide. Tingle Free bronzing accelerator is suitable for all skin types.